Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Countdown to Halloween - October 13th

Zombie Pumpkins!
A New Breed of Pumpkin Carving Patterns!

Ballad Of The Zombie Pumpkins!

Now this is a warning,
you must listen close.
It might sound quite scary,
and certainly gross.
But this is a story,
that has to be told.
Of mistakes that were made,
on Halloweens old.
When choosing a pumpkin,
to carve and to gut,
there were some that you thought,
did not make the cut.

The moldy and bumpy,
you left them to rot.
You thought they were done for,
but dead they were not.

Through nature or magic,
they refused to sit still.
As they opened their eyes,
with a goal to fulfill.

At first they came forceful.
A mighty attack.
It was carve or be carved,
your brains for a snack.

The very next year,
revenge they did seek.
If you put up a fight,
your outlook was bleak.

Soon others fell victim,
to a very deep curse.
Compelled to carve pumpkins,
or end up in a hearse.

They demanded a mate,
and were given a bride.
From a ladylike monster,
there's no place to hide.

Sprouting up from the ground,
came a new mouth to feed.
They come in all sizes,
and this one's a bad seed!

Their flesh is all mushy,
you'll scream at the sight.
But their smell is much worse,
as it drifts through the night.

You might think you're safe,
with the breaking of dawn.
But on the horizon,
they'll continue to spawn.

Each year you can hear them,
as they rise from the patch.
You better start running,
or it's you that they'll catch.

They're growing in numbers,
rolling out of their graves.
To be part of tradition,
is all that they crave.
There's one way to please them,
and save your own life.
Just give them their wishes,
and pick up that knife.
So please do some carving,
or you'll pay for your sins.
And suffer the wrath,
of the Zombie Pumpkins!

Zombie Pumpkins!

Go check out the(currently 207)amazing patterns and more at Zombie Pumpkins! Ryan Wickstrand the creative force behind Zombie Pumpkins has steadily been putting out a new carving pattern about every two days so far for this season. Zombie Pumpkins! has everything from Ash to Tallahassee, Freddy Kruger to Elmo, Edward Cullen to the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter!
You have to see it to believe it!

Zombie Pumpkins!

All content - images and text are the property of Zombie Pumpkins!

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The Frog Queen said...

That is great. Great patterns lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. Perfect inspiration for this year's pumpkins!