Monday, June 27, 2011

Flying Witches Filmed Over Mexican Skies

I'm not really sure what is shown in the videos, but it's freaky. Scared that cop pretty good.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drive-In Movie Memories

I watched this documentary on PBS today and really enjoyed it. I found a cut-up version on YouTube that shows most of the documentary (44 minutes out of the 58 minutes). The clips on YouTube are being used to promote the sale of the DVD on There are some weird parts where the voices blend over each other, but other then that it is very watchable and very interesting. If you read my blog with any regularity you know that we are fortunate enough to still have access to two fully functional drive-in theaters that we like to visit regularly. Its getting to be the drive-in time of year for those of you who don't live in the sunny south. You should do a little Internet research and find a drive-in near your home to visit this summer.

The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association

"Oh Great Now I Have To Deal With Witches!?"

It's finally back!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Crow

"Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"

Props to RoboDan for making this video.

I own it on DVD, but when I saw it was on Netflix today I just had to click play. I had forgotten how much I really enjoy this movie. Terrific story, haunting comic book style visuals, a near perfect soundtrack, and interestingly messed up characters makes for a dark tale of revenge and true love. Plus all the Halloween and Devil's Night imagery doesn't hurt either. I had forgotten that Tony Todd was it as well.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Lost My Best Friend Today

Bucky "Buckster" Martin
October 6th, 2000 ~ June 8th 2011
I'm going to miss you little buddy.

The Rainbow Bridge

By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

Where the friends of man and woman do run,

When their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,

Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.

On this golden land, they wait and they play,

Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.

Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,

Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,

Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.

All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,

Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;

Together again, both person and pet.

So they run to each other, these friends from long past,

The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,

Has turned into joy once more in each heart.

They embrace with a love that will last forever,

And then, side-by-side, they cross over… together.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

Today's viewing is Dr. Terror's House of Horrors from 1965. Starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and a young Donald Sutherland. I don't think this film is available on DVD yet. So Netflix, You Tube, or VHS are your only options right now. Actually after checking You Tube, the version posted online has much clearer video then Netflix.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drive-In Double Features!

Every Thursday in June on TCM!

Complete schedule:

8:00 PM - Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956)
9:45 PM - Rodan (1957)
11:15 PM - Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)
1:00 AM - Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero (1970)
2:45 AM - Dinosaurus! (1960)
4:15 AM - The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

8:00 PM - Them! (1954)
9:45 PM - The Cosmic Monsters (1958)
11:15 PM - Tarantula (1955)
12:45 AM - The Black Scorpion (1957)
2:30 AM - The Giant Claw (1957)
3:00 AM - The Wasp Woman (1959)

8:00 PM - Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (1958)
9:30 PM - Village of the Giants (1965)
11:00 PM - Queen of Outer Space (1958)
12:30 AM - Mars Needs Women (1968)
2:00 AM - Cyclops (1957)
3:30 AM - The Manster (1962)
4:45 AM - The Killer Shrews (1959)

8:00 PM - It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955)
9:30 PM - The Monster that Challenged the World (1957)
11:00 PM - The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
12:30 AM - The Giant Behemoth (1959)
2:00 AM - The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues (1955)
3:30 AM - Creature From the Haunted Sea (1961)

8:00 PM - The Blob (1958)
9:30 PM - The H-Man (1958)
11:00 PM - The Magnetic Monster (1953)
12:30 AM - X The Unknown (1956)
2:00 AM - The Thing From Another World (1951)
3:30 AM - It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958)

Hell Yeah!