Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Publix Rocks

Publix (A major southern grocery chain) is selling these terrific cloth shopping bags. The tag on it says its a trick 'r treat bag, but the material is exactly the same as the cloth grocery bags. So I now have a Jack-o-lantern and Frankenstein shopping bag!

Publix is also making us orange colored bread, so we can make pumpkin shaped sandwiches for our shindig!
"Publix Rocks!"

Thank you Publix!
"Where shopping is a pleasure"

Only seven days until the drawing for my giveaway!


atomicfox said...

I want a cute shopping bag like that! And orange bread. And I hope I win your giveway lol.

PumpkinBrain said...

Nice bags. The local grocery chain has given us some cloth grocery bags with pumpkins on them. Sort of Halloween themed bags but they don't look as cool as yours.

CB said...

Thanks for the post. I just emailed the mother-in-law to pick me up a couple.

The Captain said...

atomicfox they have Publix in SC, you should check to see how far away they are.

PumpkinBrain you should post a pic of them at your blog, so we can see.

Nice to meet you CB.

AllHallowSteve said...

That jack o' lantern bag is fantastic. How much are they?

Wish I had Publix out here.

The Captain said...

Believe it or not, only .99 cents + tax.

CB said...

Captain nice to meet you too. The mother-in-law is coming up from the central Florida area with my bags on Halloween. Can't wait to get them.