Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey Ladies in the Place

I'm callin' out to ya
There never was a city kid truer and bluer
There's more to me than you'll ever know
And I've got more hits than Sadaharu Oh

OH, umm . . . sorry that just happens sometimes.

Anyway Ladies (and Gents too) my wife Jen needs our help to find two items to complete her Halloween costume. The first item she's looking for is a wig similar to the one in the photo. The second item is a nice and spooky choker that will match her costume, and maybe something that could be worn after Halloween too. A handmade choker would be even better if someone knows of somebody on Etsy or wherever that makes antique looking chokers. Thanks in advance for any help or links.


Diane said...


has awesome chokers!!

don't know about the wig...

loved the beginning of this post! that happens to me sometimes too! lol

KingUnicorn said...

Hey, Captain. Two things for you:

1) To add to the choker request, this artist friended me on MySpace a week or so ago. She's got a classic look that might provide some additional options to what Diane's posted:

2) I know you're a fan of old school horror shows, so I thought you might like to see these shows happening on Fridays. You might be able to do a full Dad's Garage Monster Movie, Silverscream Spookshow, and Vortex Lounge weekend in Atlanta:


Ghoul Friday said...

Her best bet for the wig is to probably to buy a medium length one (blonde/light shade), roll it like the one in the image (with cheap hollow rollers that will hide well and maybe a bit of spray glue to encourage it to stay in place) and then - depending on the material of the "hair", use spray paint in multiple light layers. You might need to use a floral spray paint (so it doesn't eat away at the wig strands).

That's what I'd do.

The Captain said...

Diane and King thank you both, I'll show her tomorrow (she's sleeping).

King, Dad's Garage Monster Movie looks like it would fit right in with my Silverscream road trip, thanks for the tip. I want to come up for the weekend, but it probably wont be till early next year. Between holidays and money it will be a couple months I'm sure.

GF, I totally wouldn't have thought of using spray glue like hairspray. Killer idea! Thanks

Carrie Mae said...

Seconding GF's suggestion on the hair. Also, I saw this today, and if you know anyone who crochets I think it would be a relatively quick project for a choker (I am tempted to volunteer, but I might not be able to get to it/finish it in time. Plus, it's just out of my difficulty comfort zone):

Buying something would probably be easier if you don't have crochet friends, but I thought I'd mention it anyway!

Can't wait to see her finished costume.