Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Saw Tom Felton Today

I thought I saw Draco Malfoy
I thought I saw Draco Malfoy
I swear
Hey fellas
Draco Malfoy
In a car jam
Yeah I don't believe it
In a car jam
are you positively absolutely?

"Whats up with the sexy Draco Malfoy picture?"

I was at work this afternoon, about to jump on my boat and take off, when I glanced at the people boarding the boat in front of me. I thought "man that guy looks like the kid from Harry Potter". I drove by real slow checking it out, and now I'm like 90% positive it is Malfoy. So I drive out to the Hard Rock and park, they drive by and I am still pretty sure its him. I like the movies but I'm not a super fan or anything, but my sister in law really likes the books and so does one of my friends/supervisor, so I text them that I think I just saw Malfoy and his girlfriend riding on a boat to the Portofino Hotel. Thats when my sup texts back saying that it was Tom Felton, that he has been on property doing press for the upcoming Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He's no Hermione, Ron, or Harry, but it was kind of cool all the same.


Carrie Mae said...


Also, I will be seeing you when that part of the park re-opens. Count on it.

(though I might give some time for the crazy to die down a bit)

The Captain said...

Saw him again today, I said "Have a good time" and he said "Thanks buddy". I wanted so badly to jump backwards and point at him and shout "Rictusempra!", but I didn't.

The Frog Queen said...

Wow! Very cool!!! You are just the funniest guy!!!LOL!


PumpkinBrain said...

Hahaha, I would like to see his reaction to the "Rictusempra". Maybe it would have been one of the "priceless" VISA moment.