Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's All About Participation and Readership

“It's almost time, kids. The clock is ticking. Be in front of your computers for the Horrorthon, followed by the Big Giveaway. Don't miss it. And don't forget to wear your masks. The clock is ticking. It's almost time”.

I’ve been planning my giveaway for a couple months now, and the time is finally here to announce it. I know that most people do giveaways to raise the number of followers they have, but I’m going to conduct mine differently. I want to give some gifts to two of my loyal readers, not just someone who signed up to win a contest they happened upon by accident. I didn't even put contest or giveaway in the title of this post. No becoming a follower to be entered, no posting on your blog about my blog for an entry, and no tweeting!

Here’s the skinny on how it will work.

(1) You must already be one of my followers (sounds like I’m a cult leader).

(2) You must have participated on my blog since July 2nd 2009 (I’ll post a list of who qualifies).

(3) You must post a comment here stating that you would like to be entered and answer the “contest questions”.

(4) Winner will be drawn at random on September 30th after 7:00pm EST (hopefully) from entrants who have answered the “contest questions” correctly, or if no one got them all correct, from those who got most of them right (there not that difficult).

(5) Any other rules that I make up for the fun of it or find that I need in order to be fare will apply. By entering this contest you have no rights as it pertains to this contest or said “prizes” or the right to vote in Transylvania or the Land of Oz. “WHEREAS The management cannot be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, loss of property or life or limb. And WHEREAS For damage caused by lightning, earthquakes, floods, fire, frost or frippery of any sort, kind or condition, consequently the undersigned take responsibility.
WHEREAS During the term of this Agreement you will become and remain, at your sole cost and expense and at our request, a member in good standing of any then properly designated labor unions, guilds, or other organizations, as defined and determined under the applicable law, pertaining persons performing services of the type and the character to be performed here and hereunder. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to require the violation of any written agreement executed between us and any such labor union, guild or other organization which may be in effect at the time of the execution of this agreement, and wherever there is any conflict between the provisions of this agreement and any other, the latter shall prevail, but in such event, the provisions of this agreement so affected shall be curtailed and limited only to the events necessary to permit compliance with such payment of any additional compensation it shall be at the minimum that is permitted there under.” What just happened?

To be entered the following questions must be answered;
(1) What state does The Captain live in?

(2) Besides Halloween and Horror Movies, what is The Captain obsessed with lately? (It’s in the tags).

(3) What is the name of The Captain’s beautiful bride?

(4) What is The Captain’s livelihood? (His job)

(5) What was the name of The Captain’s haunt for 2008, or at least what was the theme?

(6) What was the name of The Captain’s haunt for 2007? (It’s the very first blog post I ever did.)

(7) What is The Captain’s favorite holiday?

(8) Bats or Ghosts? (No right or wrong answer.)

And finally the most important part, the bloggers who qualify to enter if they wish to do so;

Aelwyn@Aelwyn's Random Stuff


Carl(ILHM)@I Like Horror Movies

Carrie Mae@Creepy Cupcakes - Halloween Things

Designs By CK@Designs By CK

Diane@Wouldn't You Like To See Something Strange?

Dixie@Nickols Manor

Dracenea@Rabid Reflections

Erick@Wonderful Wonderblog


Geof@Enter The Man-Cave

Ghoul Friday@My Ghoul Friday

halloween spirit@orange and black

Jo Amelia Finlay@Zombie Cupcake

Johnny@Through The Patch

Johnny@Freddy in Space and Win Free Horror Shit!

KingUnicorn@Anathema Arcana

Mr.Macabre@Mr. Macabre's Hallowe'en Cerebrations

mrsb@Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom


ShellHawk@ShellHawk's Nest

Steve@Spooky Laboratory

The Frog Queen@Frog on the Pumpkin

"Good luck boils and ghouls!"


Mr.Macabre said...

I would definatly like to be entered!

Lessee, you live in Florida

Your latest obsession would be late night horror hosts

I believe your wife's name is Jen

You are a trainer for boat ride operators at a large amusement park

The theme for 2008 was Voodoo (Rise Again)

The theme for 2007 was The Dead Will Rise

The Captain's favorite holiday is of course, Halloween

And, I would say ghosts over bats

Annnnnd, I just realized that I gave away all my answers. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah I want to be entered! And please don't torture me with that clip from Halloween 3, I hated that one!
1) you live in Florida
2) you're obsessed with your giveaway lately
3) your wife's name is Jen
4) you're a captain at Universal
5) 2008 theme was voodoo
6) 2007 - The Dead Will Rise
7) your fav holiday is Halloween!
8) bats all the way.

I love the concept of your giveaway :)

Carrie Mae said...

hehehe -- I know all these. So wonderfully true! And even if I didn't, it looks like Mr. Macabre has foiled you!

:) hehehe

Hmm. I shall follow his example, and if I am wrong I hope to lead others equally astray.

state - Florida, Orlando area.
obsession of late - Spookshows/hosted horror
the lovely Mrs. - Jen (is she a Jennifer? She makes a great moss-gathering assistant)
your job - Pirate! Err, umm, wait ... captain of the 'yachts' at U******** S******.
2008 theme - Voo-doo? (You never posted a final video for that, did you?)
2007 theme - The Dead Shall Rise (re-watched that one while writing you up for blog award ... whoo-hoo! Wouldn't have remembered otherwise, I think... I'm dreadfully forgetful)
fav holiday - St. Patrick's Day, duh. Obviously. JUST KIDDING. What kind of question is this? Who amongst you followers even knows there are holidays other than Halloween?
bats vs. ghosts - I'm all for both, but since the common brown bat is threatened by a sneaky fungus right now, I'll throw a little support the bats way tonight!

(also, you and Mr. Macabre are two of the first blogs I actually began reading -- you both have a special place in my dark little heart) :)

Diane said...

whoo! hoo! i'd like to be entered! (i loved the rules! lol)


1 - you live in FL
2 - are you obsessed with your giveaway right now? i am!
3 - Jen
4 - awesome boat guy for a cool place to visit
5 - voodoo
6 - the dead will rise
7 - geez, i couldn't figure this one out! haha! HALLOWEEN!
8 - i'm a batty kinda girl!

fun! thank you!!

Erick said...

I would like to be entered! I like to win stuff.

1. Florida
2. Your giveaway
3. Jen
4. THE boat captain
5. Voodoo
6. The Dead Will Rise
7. I'm gonna guess Halloween
8. How about bat-ghosts? If I gotta choose one, It would be bats.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I'll have a better chance of winning your contest than I do the Florida Lotto I donate my money weekly (If you don't play you can't win)!

(1) Currently resides in Florida.
Only a 1-1/2 hour drive from my hometown of Tampsterdam!

(2) Contest give away, prop building, horror trailers, and moss collecting to name a few.

(3) The Captain's better half name is Jen.

(4) The Boat Captain of the CIAO of the JAWS attraction at Universal Studios O-Town Florida

(5) VOODOO 2008

(6) The Dead Will Rise 2007

(7) Halloween

(8) I got to go with GHOSTS.

Stay True~

Ghoul Friday said...

1 - Sunny Florida
2 - Well, the two choices are yourself and the contest. I'm going to avoid called you a narcissist and answer "this giveaway"
3 - Jen
4 - You're an actual Captain? Who knew. That's cool. Boat guy. I wonder if you were our guy when we were there.
5 - Voo Doo
6 - the Dead Will Rise
7 - was leaning toward Easter, but I'll say Halloween.
8 - Bats beat ghosts.

Please send incense.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Woo hoo, I made the list! I want to disqualify myself for not knowing several of the answers so I can maintain my integrity by not just copying off of each of the posters preceding me =D glad to see the giveaway finally come to fruition, hope it lives up to all your wildest expectations my friend!

The Captain said...

Lets see, there are some questions and such sprinkled around amongst these answers.

Atomicfox - I love that clip, "Its Time"

Carrie Mae - Yup she's a Jennifer, but I very rarely call her Jennifer. Nope no video for 2008, footage was slim, and I wasn't happy with what I did have.

FMI- I do drive Ciao and our other 7 boats, but not at JAWS. Those guys are called "skippers" isn't that Barbie's little sister? JAWS is on a track, I can actually drive a "real" boat, and do so at City Walk. It's cool, but it's a touchy subject at work to compare a Captain with those actresses over there at JAWS. Don't worry I'm being real lenient with the answers, so the Ciao reference got you the point. :)

Diane - Thanks, I wanted to have a giveaway for just my peeps, not strangers.

Ghoul Friday - Geez! Don't think narcissist, think "lets get to know each other", or at the very least lets think "man, this guy couldn't come up with any interesting questions, so he asked questions about himself." Besides narcissism is kind of fun, just ask The Captain ;p

Carl - WTF homie? You could have just looked up the answers on my blog, its totally open book, or err open blog, and kept your integrity intact. Its not to late to change your mind, honestly only one person has completely "nailed" all the questions.

All of the entries are good to go so far.

Good Luck Every One!

Ghoul Friday said...

Oh I honestly really enjoyed learning about you. I was just teasing because the question asks "what is The Captain obsessed with lately?" and my only choices of labels were 1) the giveaway, and 2) the Captain. And the idea of you being obsessed with yourself conjured up images of you standing in front of the mirror, like Narcissus and his reflection in the water :)

The Captain said...

That is exactly why I became a Captain so I can look at myself in the water all day ;)

It wouldn't have been me driving you, I've been the main day shift trainer for years. So I am mostly teaching others to drive, and don't drive guest very often anymore. Next time your down ask for Jason, M-F till 3:30 I'm out there sweating my ass off.

The Captain said...

There's incense! :)

PumpkinBrain said...

I want to enter too!

1. Florida
2. This giveaway
3. Jen
4. Your a boat captain.
5. 2008 theme was Voodoo
6. 2007 theme was The Dead Will Rise
7. Halloween, of course!
8. Ghosts, certainly.

You have a very nice blog. One I really enjoy reading. Best of luck to all the participants :-)

The Captain said...

Thank you PumpkinBrain, glad to see you back around.

The Frog Queen said...

The frog queen hangs her head in shame....not only did I miss Ghoul Fridays first book release....I missed this giveaway...I suck as blogger. Man, so sorry. I am going to have to go beat some minions with my scepter until I feel better! :D
Here goes.
BTW- It was a kick going through your old blog entries...I found a great cookie recipe, got reminded that I lost the FEAR net contest (again...not bitter, no :D ), realized that I am never going near the docks at your work....tooooooo many spiders, you quit smoking (congrats!) and lots of other very, very interesting stuff.....I now can call myself your stalker.
Where was I, oh yeah, back to the questions...

1) Hum, the return address on the box of moss was (blank), Florida (not sure if you wanted me to give the exact address...someone could be a stalker posing as a blogger :)

2) Well, I would say you are very versatile guy and have many obsessions....including, blog, prop making, moss harvesting, winning prizes and currently collecting pictures of things that represent "50" - can you explain that one, please? :D

3) Jen, a beautiful name, my sister's name also.
3) That boat thing threw me....I had to go read some of the older blog posts. How cool are you!!! Was that what you wanted to be when you were a kid, cause that is something I would have picked when I was 8. Cause your office picture is much cooler than mine!!! And I never see kangaroos at my work...some donkeys maybe.... :D

4) The theme for 2008 was Voodoo - I like that idea a lot...thanks for reminding me that I need to make sugar skulls this year.

5) The Dead Will Rise - as they tend to do. a perfect and well executed theme I might add :) (Can you tell I am trying to make up for my being a flake.)

6) Halloween? Seriously, where do any of us have the room to store decorations for holidays other than Halloween.

7) How about "ghost bats" - they haunt the belfry. Okay, man, I am so sorry for that last comment...I am in a very silly mood today. Forgive me...again.

Okay, where is my prize!!!

The Captain said...

LOL! The 50 thing was me celebrating my attaining 50 followers, even though only like a dozen people really follow and participate on my blog. I sort of hid the explanation of "50" in the tags for that post. I like to hide stuff in the tags, to see if people actually read them, which they don't :)

Dixie said...

Ok, I know I was really late to the party, but I was on vacation (ironically in Orlando) for a week, and am just now catching up...

Here goes (btw, love the concept of this contest, you rock!!)

1. Hot, sticky, humid, wetwetwet Florida.
2. From the tags we have the contest and yourself... so lets go with... both. :)
3. Your wife, with one of the brightest prettiest smiles I have ever seen, is Jen.
4. You are a captain at Universal/Orlando
5. 2008 was Voodoo (Rise Again)
6. 2007 was The Dead Will Rise
7. Your Favorite Holiday is Halloween (Like there IS another holiday?!?!)
8. And I am all for Ghosts. :shivers: !!

Thank you for allowing this awesome contest, Captain!