Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a Major Award!

"Shucks, I wouldn't know'd that. It looks like a lamp" or err... maybe a weird refrigerator magnet or something.

So I received a couple of blogging awards, one the other day(thanks Chris) and one like a month ago (opps sorry it took me so long to post it Carl, thanks).

I'm not good with following rules, so I'm going to do what I want to do with these awards. I'm only going to pass them along to a handful of bloggers. These bloggers are all frequent visitors to my blog and are the main reason I keep blogging. I enjoy their comments as much as I enjoy their blogs, so I'm giving each of them both awards. A few people who do fall in to this category have already received these awards so the will be omitted from my list.

Carrie Mae @ Creepy Cupcakes - Halloween Things
Diane @ Wouldn't You Like To See Something Strange?
Joseph @ Mr. Macabre's Hallowe'en Cerebrations
PumpkinBrain @ PumpkinBrain
Steve @ Spooky Laboratory

Thank you all for your readership and comments, and thank you for all the great content you share with us via your blogs.


Diane said...

congrats to you - well deserved! and your recipients! and THANK YOU!! love the lovely blog of doom hahaha!!

Mr.Macabre said...

I would like to thank the Academy for these awards, my agent, my stylist, and all the little people out there!
Thanks Captain! (I thought the Lovely Blog of Doom was a cup of bloody brains instead of roses when I first saw it)

The Captain said...

It does look like brains, I like that better.

Carrie Mae said...

I so adore you. :)

And I'm investigating the issue you are having with my blog... with curses. :) :) :)

Steve said...

Wait, you have a blog?... :D

Thanks, guys!