Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Found A Huge Frog At Work Today

I was walking down to the dock out at the Royal Pacific Resort to catch a boat back in to City Walk so I could go home for the day, and as I rounded a corner on the very heavily overgrown path this is what I saw . . . . .

So I rescued him from the wilds

Then he went for a ride on a boat. Nice thumb right, I'm a great phone photographer.

Later after I was home and the sun had gone done for the day my friend Captain Amberly sent me a picture of our new mascot getting ready for bed in the dock box.

This post is dedicated to the Frog Queen and who ever it was who abandoned a perfectly good four foot tall frog.


Dawn said...

Hahaha, CLASSIC!! Isn't it amazing how many frogs one sees when you have such an awesome blog buddy as Frog Queen?!?! LMAO, your's tops anything I have seen!

The Frog Queen said...

LMAO!! Thank you for rescuing that frog....I was wondering where he had gotten too. There are so many frogs out there that the queen can barely keep track of them all. And trust me the stuffed ones are a particular bother!

Warning...don't fall for that big smile, he is nothing but trouble! I would probably be best if you didn't turn you back on him! :) Just saying.


George Van Orsdel said...

LOL~! Thanks for this post Captain, it had me laughing my butt off at work!

Carl (ILHM) said...

lol very nice, reminds me of that traveling expedia gnome!