Monday, February 8, 2010

Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!

If you grew up in Northern or Central California in the 70's and early 80's you probably already know who Bob Wilkins is, but if you didn't the you should watch the documentary "Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!". Bob Wilkins was the host of Creature Features on KTVU out of Oakland and probably a big part of why I love all things horror. I don't mean to sound like a commercial for the documentary its just that Bob Wilkins is a very fond part of my childhood, and a part of Americana that is no longer on mainstream television. I wish we had a Creature Features show here in Florida. If anybody with some pull is listening, Creature Features - Friday or Saturday night, four hours??? It could work.


The Frog Queen said...

I hear you...Oregon would be nice too! :D I did not see this show, but my husband who is from the bay area, watched it as a kid and talks about it all the time. I am definately finding him the show.

Thanks for the heads up.


George Van Orsdel said...

we used to have a "Creature Features" show down here in Miami back in the 70's. It would air on Saturdays around noon or so, and I never missed it! I agree, we need a show down here in Florida. I have a friend who hosts a horror movie show up in Ohio on a cable access channel. I actually looked into doing it down here, but it's kinda expensive.

Steve said...

We had Shock Theater and the host was some guy playing the spooky mirror dude from Snow White. And he wasn't even a host, he just bumped the commercial breaks with some one-liner unrelated to the movie. I don't even remember him naming the movie. I remember the intro was clips of all kinds of cool horror movies to this great spooky Rachmaninoff tune. I found the name of this host on a horror host directory several years back but I can't remember what it was.

The Captain said...

I'm down to help if you do a hosted creature feature George. I've joked that Horror Host is my next career move. What were the costs that stopped you? Just curious.

Steve, I think a lot of the syndicated shows had the generic hosts that did what you were describing. I'd be happy to even have that kind of show.

Steve said...

Yeah, I might not have gotten Wilkins when I was a kid, anyway. Short attention span.