Sunday, August 30, 2009

Secret Phantasm Project?

So my hopes were up, but now there down, I don't know what to think? Heres the trail of dead crumbs I followed, look for yourselves. I first saw a story about a Phantasm Project on the Horizon? over at which cited as the source. After reading the article at horroryearbook I was pretty sure we would be seeing something new of Phantasm, the quote goes something like this;

"We just got word via the webmaster of that a new Phantasm project has already been “lensed and is nearly finished.” DustinM, a very reliable source on the franchise, hinted that an announcement about a new Phantasm “episode(s)” is on its way. He said the new project is not Phantasm V, but described it as something “big.”

Just know that something is around the corner, something is coming and that it’s big. Phantasm V, it ain’t, but it’s big.

He also noted that Reggie Bannister himself, hinted about a future Phantasm project at a Monster Mania convention earlier this year."

Sounds promising right? So I followed the dead crumbs further into Morningside and over to the supposed true source at Phantasm Community where I found post after post where DustinM says he did not put that info out. Heres a quote from DustinM;

"I've not had a hand in this beyond my comments on this forum. The photograph has been public for months on Reggie's IMDb filmography and only recently taken down.

When you look at my comments alone, they're not that exciting. Nor are Reggie's from Monster Mania. But when you couple that photograph with them, the whole story becomes explosive. Honestly, I would've preferred that my comments be solely to the members of Community and stayed on the forum."

Hopes dashed!



Anonymous said...

you beat me on this one lol i was about to post something about it

mrsb said...

Oh, that's too bad! I love that movie!

The Captain said...

Maybe we'll still get something, Phantasm V would be nice. Nice to meet you Mrs.B