Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Halloween Candies

I ate a whole box of the bats! They have a mild orange flavor, they're just OK. The box I had was perfectly soft. I haven't tried the ghosts yet, but the box says mixed fruit flavors. Found both of these Dots at Michaels up near the registers, I bet Target has them too.

Ahh you gotta love Pop Rocks! These don't taste like pumpkin, actually I don't think they have any real discernable flavor just sweet carbon dioxide goodness. Found the Pop Rocks at the Dollar General in a 3-pack, but saw them at Michaels too.

I found the "Good & Firey" candy that Pumpkin Rot blogged about a few days back. It was a chemically induced mouthful of spicy fruit flavors. The only real standout flavor for me was the sweet and spicy apple which I could have done with just a box of that flavor.


Carl (ILHM) said...

Ive been working so hard since Christmas to be good.. Damn Halloween.. and damn Butterfingers for being so good!

The Captain said...

Those damn Butterfingers! LOL