Thursday, August 27, 2009

Open Letter To The Screenlife Company

So I wrote a email/comment/suggestion/nudge in a profitable direction to Screenlife, the company that makes the game "Scene it?" here it is.....

I am really surprised that you don't have a horror movie/scary movie version of Scene it? It would be perfect for Halloween parties and sleep over’s, etc. Halloween is fast building steam as a holiday that people spend money on. According to Susan Ward, “In the U.S. in 2006, consumers spent approximately $4.96 billion on Halloween, a significant increase compared to the $3.29 billion spent on Halloween in 2005. In Canada, Halloween spending accounted for approximately $1.15 billion in sales in 2006”. I know I was looking for a spooky version of Scene it?, I'm sure tons of other people would be interested in it as well. Just a thought. I hope to see this product in the future. I guess for now I'll have to create a horror based trivia game to play at my Halloween party.

Halloween - A Really Sweet Business Opportunity

That's what I wrote, short and sweet. I really can't believe they haven't created a spooky version yet, just seems like such an obvious theme for Scene it? If you'd like to contact them and tell them how you would also enjoy a horror movie version of Scene it? or for any reason really you can do it here.


Carl (ILHM) said...

FACT. Finally, someone did it. In the mean time, check out this AWESOME game I grabbed a while back:

The Captain said...

I was looking at this game the other day.
It's cheap, I like that.
It looks fun, I like that.
It's made by horror fans, I like that.
But is it a game that could be played in a party type environment? Do you have to use the board or can you just yell out answers?

How about this game, have you or anyone tried this one?

Carl (ILHM) said...

woops totally missed the response! It should be played in a party environment, but here is the major hangup: it isnt generalized trivia that is easy to answer. It goes through a walkthrough of about 20 questions pertaining to a single film at a time, and you hand the group need to be reeaallllly well versed in that movie to get the answers right. If we all got together, being the blogging 3l33t that we are, wed have a blast, but average horror fans wont know anything.

As for the board, I dont think we ever played with the board, we just had someone that would track scoring. I forget the exact rules, but Im pretty sure its turn based, but then any other team can steal if you cant get it. They even state in the rules though that the rulebook is a recommended method of play, but it can be adapted to any other play structures.

Havent tried Partytime, but I will definitely check it out!

The Captain said...

Thanks Carl, thats kind of what I was afraid of. I might get the Partytime disc to check it out, and maybe make up my own questions and game geared to the assumed level of knowledge of my party goers.

Thanks again