Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Testing the Carrots

They're not ready yet, to small still! We did get about forty onions out of the garden two weeks ago, and I made some killer French onion soup on Sunday. Finally planted some corn, but still need to clear some land for pumpkins (it's been super hot).


Johnny said...

I did pumpkins last year. Wiped out by squash bugs. The soapy water thing doesn't work.

This year I've gone tree mad. Planting Apple trees.
I want an iPhone.

Actually, they are great for two reasons, I love apples and they look really creepy in the fall and winter.

The Captain said...

I have the G1 (Google phone) I love golden delicious apples, I don't know if they'll grow in Florida though. I have a lemon tree that grows such big lemons I can get enough juice from one lemon to make a gallon of lemonade! The soapy water thing only burns up your leafs!