Monday, June 8, 2009

Flashback: Attack Of The Spiders

This was the first year (2006) my wife and I decorated our own home for Halloween. It seemed so cool at the time, looks pretty whack now. The victim was named Chet after a neighbor we don't really care to much for.

We put Tide on Chet and lit him from below with a black light, ohhhh we're scary!

I had strobe lights flashing inside the windows so the spiders were back lit.

Look at the attention to detail, the spider is actually spinning web on to Chet! Wick, Wick, Whack!

Frog on the Pumpkin this post is for you :)


Dixie said...

You and Ms. Frog are cracking me up with the "who had the worst" from the past posts...

... Im not even posting my past nightmares... probably because I could find some from LAST year, LMAO

The Frog Queen said...

Wow!!! How did I miss the spider dedicated post. And that clever comment from Dixie! :D

Love the "victum" in that "oh my gawd keep it away from me" kinda way!!

Keep up the awesome work!!