Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gourd Queen's Scream Award

Mr. Macabre over at Mr. Macabre’s Hallowe’en Cerebrations bestowed me with “GourdQueens Scream Award”. I would like to first thank Mr. Macabre, The Gourd Queen (who I had to search for, and I now follow her blog), My wife Jen, Bucky & Byrdie (my kids), my fingers and brain who without I wouldn’t be able to blog, the academy, and all the fans because without you none of this would be possible

"This award is to be shared with anyone whose blog you just love. Whether it's their art, their interests, the things they share, you just simply love to visit their blog!

This is what you do:
1~Accept the award then post it on your blog with the name and link of the person's blog who shared this award with you.
2~Explain the award.
3~Then share the award with at least 10 blogs that make you SCREAM! Please tell what makes their blog so special to you. Be sure to let them know they have received the award. Also you can share this award again if you run across more bloggers that make you SCREAM!"

Dark Destinations

Halloween Addict

Nickols Manor

She's Off Her Rocker

Sexy Witch

The Obscure Hollow

Through The Patch

Weirdo Wearing A Mask

Win Free Horror Shit!

Zombie Cupcake

My list would have been longer but Mr. Macabre and I have similar tastes and he already awarded some of my other picks. All of these blogs are blogs that I peruse often, if not daily. If you’re not already reading these blogs you should check them out. Blog awards are a love and hate thing for me. I love to receive them of course, but I hate having to pick whom to pass it on to. I like all the blogs I read, that’s why I read them in the first place! Thank you again Mr. Macabre.


The Frog Queen said...

Congratulations! Well deserved.


Dixie said...

Congratulations, Captain, and thank you very very much for the honor as well! :D

The Captain said...

Your very welcome :)

Jo Amelia Finlay said...

Congrats! And I too have to say a big thanks for the honour :D xx