Sunday, August 15, 2010

More New Loot!

We got this great ghost at Michael's.

We found these Halloween blocks for only $7.99 at Home Goods!

I found a new female pumpkin headed trick r' treater to go with my cat trick r' treater from last year. I can't remember if she was $12.99 or only $9.99, either way she was a steal at Home Goods.

Jen got a bunch of anti-bacterial hand gels and hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. The Jack-o-lantern is also a pumpkin scented hand soap. I really like the Spider's Web hand gel because it smells just like black licorice.

I need a second job, so I can buy more loot!


halloween spirit said...

Nice finds! Retailers in my part of the world (with the exception of Michael's) are a bit slower out of the Halloween gate. :/

Wings said...

Love those vintage looking blocks! HomeGoods is a great store, isn't it???

The Frog Queen said...

Very nice finds! I hear you on the second job thing...this time of year just kills me :)

Thanks for sharing your loot!

BTW - "boater" was my verification perfect for your blog :)


Christina said...

Great stuff you got! I'm heading over to Bath and Body Works this weekend to get those hand sanitizers :)

CB said...

Really great loot.