Thursday, July 2, 2009

Resident Evil: Afterlife

It has been confirmed that there will indeed be a fourth instament of the Resident Evil film franchise. Yippee! I'm happy, how can you go wrong with Milla Jovovich whipping some zombie ass!

Sony Slates Another Resident Evil: Afterlife Sequel for 2010

Confirmed Exclusive: Resident Evil 4 Arriving in Late 2010

Resident Evil on IMDB


Carl (ILHM) said...

I might be the single Resident Evil hater alive, the games are fantastic but I hate the series, wish they would have made it a darker, horror based flick instead of the action route they ended up going with. I will watch slash own every one anyways though, and I did prefer Extinction ironically over the others

DeadmansLog said...

She is so freaking cute. Seriously; I'll watch her slay zombies-things any day.

*happy sigh* one of the few horror video game movies that Uwe Boll didn't touch. I will support any even half-decent horror-game-turned-movie franchise that doesn't involve that man.

The Frog Queen said...


Wait, Carl does not like Resident Evil.....hum...I used to like him :D

Seriously love the games, so I see your point. But I do love watching someone kick zombie but.

Bring it on!


The Captain said...

"She is so freaking cute."

Exactly! I'll watch her do most anything any day!