Monday, July 13, 2009

Got My Glidden

I got my free can of Glidden paint on Saturday afternoon. They FedEx-ed it! That must have cost Glidden a ton of money to give out free paint and then to send it by FedEx!?

"Oh Well!"

I got Black paint for free, can't beat that!


Diane said...

my mom grabbed up a can. but by the time i got wind of the deal it had already passed. :(

The Frog Queen said...

I am sure the whole thing was a ploy by the marketing has lots of money. The reason I chose it as a career. :)

Looking forward to my can soon!!


Brandi McKenna said...

Try this! See if your town has a Recycling Center, ours is 1 mile away..twice a month you can go in the shed there and take all the free paint you want! I get primer, kilz, varnish, black and white paint, and tons of spray paint and all kinds in the can! I paint my entire house and mix my own colors...FREE! Plus use it on my art. There is BEHR paint there, good brands of stuff!

The Captain said...

I'm going to research if my town or a neighboring town does that. Thank you', I try to use reclaimed and used items (AKA Trash)to make my Halloween props as much as I can, so free recycled paint is right up my alley!