Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From Greg

I got an email tonight with only this picture in it. I thought my mom or my sister had sent me an old picture, because the date on the picture was from 11/09/2006. So I replied back asking if they had carved the pumpkins, and the email came right back because of a bad address. That's when I noticed the email address it had come from was my mom’s old address; she hadn’t had that address in a couple years. So I text messaged my sister to ask about it, and she told me my mom wanted to see it because neither my mom nor my sister had ever sent me a picture of jack-o-lanterns. I forwarded it to her. My sister wrote me back and told me that my mom thinks her boyfriend Greg must have sent it back in 2006, two days before he died. That is so crazy that it would show up in my inbox two and a half years later, from a closed email account. I wish I would have gotten his email way back then so I could have written Greg back about his pumpkins.
We miss you


Dawn said...

Wow... an email two and a half years later - thats just wild... I'm still sitting here imagining all the possibilities. Very thought provoking.

Ghoul Friday said...

Crazy story. Hopefully it conjured up some nice memories for you.

The Captain said...

I'll I can figure is that the email some how got stuck in/on a server until yesterday when it was released. Crazy still, that's a long time.

Yes it did Friday, thanks :)