Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick and Dirty Reviews - Insidious

I'm not much for doing big drawn out reviews. But with that being said, we went and saw Insidious on Saturday and were very happy we did. It starts out like a 70's slow burner, building good tension here and there. It has tons of good unexpected startles. I thought the story was good and interesting. It has a few laughs too. There was one moment toward the end where CGI is used in a “hallway” scene (don’t want to give anything away) that I thought was cheap looking and unnecessary (but who am I). I read John Squires review over at his blog Freddy in Space, and I have to mostly agree with him. I loved the first three quarters of the movie, and the last quarter was good too (but not quite as scary as the first part of the movie). Would I recommend this movie? Yes whole heartedly! I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my wife. We jumped, we laughed, and she even covered her eyes a couple times. I heard a kid tell his friends that he got so scared at one of the startles that he thought he “sharted”.

Is it Poltergeist? No.
Is it the Exorcist? No.
Is it a fun, creepy, spooky, way to spend an hour and 42 minutes, HELL YES!


The October boy said...

Thanks Captain. Looks like one to check out.
Actually, your review has better comparisons and depth than most "real" movie reviews..just condensed.

The Captain said...


The Frog Queen said...

So looking forward to some free time so I can check this out!!! Thanks for the good words, helps move it up on the priority list!


Ashley K. Edwards said...

Good to know. I was planning on seeing it this weekend, and now I'm really looking forward to it.