Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Freaking Love The Internet

I'm always finding the coolest and most unexpected things on the Internet. Just happened to be a new friend this time! I finally got to meet Carrie Mae from Creepy Cupcakes. We have been online friends for about two years or so and finally met face to face today! I can honestly say that Carrie is the first person that I have ever met in real life that I had only known previously from the Internet. Here I am a big ol' 6'3, 41 year old guy who talks to strangers from all over the world everyday as part of his job and I was super nervous for some reason to meet Carrie and her husband. But just like old friends, once we started talking that all went away. I now know why we hit it off so well online, because we really do have a bunch of stuff in common. Carrie is almost exactly how I pictured her, except she is freakishly short. I'm just playing, she is a sweetheart and of normal height. Meeting Carrie and her husband was the cherry on top of my Halloween season this year. Hopefully these are the first of many memories that the four of us will capture in photos (even though its just the two of us in these pictures).

Scary Picture!

Mr. Macabre, you're next!


Dawn said...

"Freakishly short" lmao, she's gonna get you for that!! Thats so cool, seeing the two of you together - makes me wish a bunch of us could meet in the center of the country some time and just meet and "catch up", lol. Glad you had a good time Cap'n! :)

Mr. Macabre said...

I will have to say I'm freakishly middle sized...5'10'. Can't wait to meet ya'll in person and everyone else!

Carrie Mae said...

'Freakishly short,' eh?! Dawn's right, I'm truly going to get you for that! :) I know your face for sure now, sir, and you only have a foot on me! Muh-hahahahaha...

Gosh, the glorious trouble we could all cause together! More time is so very needed.

And Mr. Macabre, you might be taller than my husband. I find anyone taller than me to be completely overdoing it. Isn't the air thin up there? Don't you all find
it hard to breathe? Wouldn't you all be more comfortable around 5'3" or 4"?!!

side note: today's CAPCHA is "aship"

The Frog Queen said...

Ah, lucky you!!! So jealous! :)


The Captain said...

You called me freakishly tall first, so its just paybacks homie! Everyone should come to Orlando!