Sunday, September 19, 2010


Davis Graveyard Moss Retrieval: Central Florida Unit

Location: The Tyner property

The Ground Team

The Ariel Team

The Whole Damn Team

Rough estimate pre-treatment 32Lbs

We didn't even make a dent in the amount of moss Jim has on his trees. A lot of it is way out of reach with the pole I was using. It needs to be sprayed with bug poison, repacked, and weighed. It was full of chiggers, I'm itching just thinking about them.


Carrie Mae said...

Chiggers will ruin your spanish moss hunt EVERY TIME.

We've talked about how the legend of the spanish moss was my favorite bedtime story, haven't we? Because it totally was.

The Captain said...


I've only ever heard one legend about Spanish moss, and it ins't a very nice one.

So, do tell. I want to hear "the legend of the spanish moss". Or send it to me in an email and I'l post it as a guest blogger spot. How's everything?

Carrie Mae said...

"Everything" is kind of crappy, generally speaking. :) I would like to be more upbeat, but I'm genuinely over-taxed right now.

That said, THE SEASON IS ALMOST UPON US. I'm stoked!

I'll try to write out a good example of the story as I heard it growing up. Very dreary and romantic. :)

*bugs and hisses to you*

The Captain said...

Well that sucks! Hopefully thing will improve soon for you.

We are definitely on the final countdown for Halloween now! Its like Santa's workshop around here except there are no toys or elves, just pumpkins and zombies!

That would be awesome, but only if you have time to write it (no pressure). We still need to get up there to go to Silver Scream with you! You need to come down and see Hogsmeade and ride HP and the Forbidden Journey, its pretty great. Pumpkin Juice is the best!

The Frog Queen said...

Thanks so much!

We just got done installing it all!!

No spiders or chiggers....never met a chigger....and I don't think I want to :D

You are best!


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said... guys are so nice to do that for the Davis'! Great example of 'Halloween' spirit! And the lakes looks beautiful!

(Chiggers are always my first thought with moss too.) But I think you'd all know if you got into them! Ha!

The Captain said...

Oh we got in to them! We were both itching like mad when we got home. We just took hot showers and scrubbed ourselves down and it was fine.

I sprayed all the moss Chris got with pesticide two times and the let it sun dry before double bagging it. If anything other then the moss made it to Oregon alive it was some sort of a super bug!