Thursday, September 30, 2010

Astrious Mundabar Desmagon

"Astrious Mundabar Desmagon... I envoke your powers. Come Heed my bidding on this night of nights. The eve of Samhain, All Hallows Eve. Spirits of darkness, I command you to rise from your graves. Et Lavamous Sagamaine, All manner of demons. I emplore your release from Eternal torment. Testegas Sogamaine. All manner of dead, renewed by sleep. Thirsting for blood, this night and forever, he who is touched by evil, shall become evil. Sodamous sogamaine. He who has died, shall rise again, bestamous sogamhaine. Life to the dead, Death to the living. Demons arise, arise, arise".

The Midnight Hour - 1985

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Maria said...

OMG one of the BEST Halloween movies EVER! I'm glad to see one of my Halloween blogs finally giving it it's due!

Now we just need some wax and dust from Nathaniel Grenville's bones to undo this curse!