Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monster Movie Double-Feature

Every Friday night at 8PM EST, the 100 Years of Monster Movies team has been running monster movie double-feature “chat-along” webcasts, with prizes and interaction from thousands of fellow fans of bad cinema.

You may recall that this began as a one-time marathon event the weekend of March 26-28 with over fifty films hosted by dozens of “horror hosts” LIVE from the Horrorhound Weekend convention in Indianapolis. The weekend also featured appearances by George A. Romero, Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

The event proved so popular that the 100YMM team continued the event on Fridays, without hosts, but with tons of fans chatting along during the films, and trivia contests and giveaways. The team has, admittedly, been playing catchup, setting up programming on some Fridays as late as the afternoon of the show.

But now, the first schedule for the next few weeks has been locked, with double features continuing through May 28. After that date, the team plans to expand the events with some special elements that will be announced soon.

So, here is the schedule for Friday night starting at 8:00 PM EST at

The Indestructible Man

The Amazing Transparent Man

Prize: TBD

The rest of the summer’s schedule will be announced when the special events for those screenings are finalized. Stay tuned for more details.
So, join tons of fellow fans of bad films every Friday night at 8:00PM EST over at, enjoy a few hours of cheese and win great prizes!

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