Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lake Catherine Blueberry Farm

We went to the Lake Catherine Blueberry Farm this morning to pick some berries to use in a trifle and a cobbler.

Lake Catherine Blueberries, owned by Dustin Lowe and family, extends the invitation to participate in the U-pick phase of the blueberry harvest. The field will be open daily until Saturday, June 5th.

There will be a $1 per person cover charge (18 and older) and then $4 per pound for any berries that make it to the bucket.

The farm is located at 5849 Lake Catherine Road in Groveland Florida, which is 3/4 of a mile north of highway 50, on highway 19. Look for the U-pick sign. Call Dustin at 352-536-4324, or email with any questions.

The blueberries were so juicy and delicious!

I'll post pictures and recipes of our trifle and cobbler later this weekend.

The berries are so tasty and sweet, they make you smile when you eat them.


Mr.Macabre said...

Awwww yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout! I LOVE blueberries! Recipe for the cobbler too please!

Ahem...are you trying to outdo Mr. Macabre in the 'I Can Cram A Repulsingly Insane Amount Of Stuff In My Mouth?' category?

The Captain said...

Haha actually your name and glue sticks were mentioned during the taking of some of these photos. I forgot about the cookie incident until your post just now. Warped minds think alike I guess.

halloween spirit said...

Blueberry picking in May? I'm so jealous. I have to wait until August :/

They look delicious.

The Frog Queen said...

LOL! That is too cute!

LOVE blueberries, would eat them every day if I could!

I gotta go.....go to the store. I suddenly need blueberries!! :D