Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hogsmeade Progress

So we took Friday off for no particular reason other then to have a three day weekend. We went out to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for a couple of hours Friday to people watch, eat lunch, and see how far they had gotten on the new Harry Potter themed area, heres a few pictures of what we could see (looks amazing so far).


halloween spirit said...

Never been to Universal Studios but we're hoping to be able to make a trip there next winter if time and budgets allow. Hope this section is completed by then :)

The Frog Queen said...

Oh, maybe I HAVE to go to Hauntcon....just as an excuse to visit you....and the park :D


The Captain said...

Spirit- Its supposed to be done this spring!!! If you come down, you'll have to stop by and say hi. I'm out there at the boat dock M-F.

Chris - I'm telling you central Florida has tons to do, there are like 8 theme parks with in a 50 mile area, beaches in three different directions, this is tourism central down here.