Saturday, March 21, 2009

Halloween Horror Nights 2009

So the word is out that Universal Orlando and Hollywood will both be adding “Jigsaw” from the very popular "Saw" movies as a theme of a house at Halloween Horror Nights in 2009. Here’s the interview where Mark Burg the producer of Saw talks about making a deal with Universal to bring Jigsaw and Saw to Halloween Horror Nights.I'd also like to go on record today by saying that I predict that "The Wolfman" will also be a theme for a house.I can't wait!


DeadmansLog said...

On what do you base the Wolfman prediction? ...'cause that would actually be kind of enticing to me.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but though I go to Universal around Halloween and l-o-v-e checking out the Horror Nights decor, I loathe haunted houses (and generally the crowd who frequents HHN), so I never go to the event itself.

The addition of Saw? Just makes me sad. More blood and guts and meanness, without any sense of humor. (Yes, I admit it, I like the first movie -- but I don't like the trend it's started).

The Captain said...

As you know, and they rest of you may, or may not know, I am the Captain. As the Captain I am privy certain particulars in the matters of Universal Orlando. I’m just kidding! We have a “thing” once a month where a group (like a dozen) hourly employees are selected to have lunch or breakfast with Bill Davis the President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Orlando. I was asked if I would like to attend last Friday’s breakfast, to share any ideas or concerns I may have with Bill. Bill shared info with us about things that were happening around the property, and upcoming projects and events. He mentioned briefly that he had just met with the HHN creative team, and had seen all the house themes and was impressed. He joked that he could not share any of the themes with us for fear that they would be on the 5 O’clock news, but he did say that two of the houses were themed to movie that would be out in October. Of course being the Halloween freak that I am, I took this as a personal challenge to find out what the two movie themed houses would be. So after about 5 minutes of Goggling, I found the link to proof about “Saw” being a house this year. The next thing I looked up was all of the horror movies being released this year. I found two films from Universal, Drag Me to Hell and The Wolf Man. The Wolf Man translates much better in to a house theme then Drag Me to Hell does. So basically, I am just taking an “almost insider’s” guess.

Carrie, you don’t do the houses? Wow, I didn’t see that coming from you my creepy Internet friend. I agree about Saw as a theme, I don’t care for the blood and guts type of theme. I like spooky startles and creepy themes over murder for murders sake. Last year they had all these creepy trick r’ treaters running around and that was one of the coolest themes I had seen out there in years. I loved the first Saw, and liked the second. I’ll admit that I watched the first 4 in the theater, and have seen 5 on DVD. I’m a “completest” I have to see all the movies of a series once I’ve started, even if they start to suck.

DeadmansLog said...

It's weird, right? I'm kind of high-strung in general, and there was an incident when I was about 6 in a school haunted house (there was a chainsaw, a tree root, and a guy grabbing me and holding me in place against my will because we were 'going too fast to get the scare' all involved), and ever since I get ANGRY at haunt actors who get too close to me. Which they tend to do.

...I admit it. I've hit more than one scare actor for getting in my face. Too much anxiety, I guess. If I could be assured that no actor would try to talk to me or grab me, you wouldn't be able to keep me out of the haunted houses! :)

The Captain said...

At HHN nobody is going to grab or touch you on purpose, talk to you and be fairly close to you, HELL YA! That's what makes it fun and scary!

I can understand having bad memories, especially if some held you in place against your will at such a young age.

Universal has always been "no touch" houses. So nobody will touch or hurt you. You can do what my wife does sometimes if it gets to be to much, hide your face against your hubby's back and have him guide you out of the rooms you don't like. I don't know, I guess I just have some much fun out there at HHN's that I want everyone to as well.

Sorry if I have typos or spelling errors I'm on my phone :)

DeadmansLog said...

You're a pumpkin. :)

Maybe I'll hide. Except my husband-to-be is the type of person who would try to get my nerves on edge before even going in.

As long as no one comes close like they are going to touch me, it's fine. :)