Sunday, December 21, 2008

Illusive Santa

We live in a small town called Mascotte, in an even smaller neighborhood. Every year the Mascotte fire department brings Santa through all the neighborhoods of Mascotte. The fire fighters blow the horn and chirp the sirens and everyone comes out of their houses and Santa throws candy to all the kids. We grabbed our camera to snap some pictures when we heard them coming, but Santa used his magic to stop us. I opened the camera which should automatically turn it on, and it didn't turn on? My wife hit the manual switch to turn it on and the camera decided to take its sweet time turning on as Santa passed by our house. So we went out back to get the shot as Santa passed behind our house (like I said "small neighborhood, around the block is all of eight houses). These are the photos that Jen took of the Illusive Santa riding the fire truck.

You can see his hand and some hair.

You can see his leg.

"Damn you Santa!"
"Damn your magic!"

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