Friday, December 5, 2008

Eddie The Corpse

I have always loved the image of Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie The Corpse. In high school my walls were covered with Iron Maiden album cover posters. If I knew were those posters were today, I'd put them up on my garage walls.


Nosferatu said...

666 The Number of The Beast, Hell and fire were spaned to be released. I used to absolutely love Iron Maiden until about 1990. I still love all the old stuff and they were one of the first bands I went to see. In 1982.

That's a great picture you have found. I too had my walls plastered with metal bands. Saxon, Whitesnake, Maiden, Rainbow, Dio, UFO, Thin Lizzy etc

Incidentally, Bruce Dickinson apart from still being a singer, has a day job now too. He is a commercial airline pilot flying holiday charter jets

The Captain said...

Aces High! No way, Bruce Dickinson is a commercial airline pilot! Wow! I guess because we are only a year apart in age that it only makes sense that even though we are across the pond from each other, our musical tastes from our youths are very similar.