Friday, November 25, 2011


ParaNorman is LAIKA’s follow-up to their Oscar nominated Coraline. Coming August 2012

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Mantan Calaveras said...

Hhm, I was greatly impressed with Coraline, and its given me a great confidence in Laika as a studio. There are very few animation companies that really excel these days (Studio Ghibli and Django Films spring to mind) but practically no one is doing stop motion animation anymore, and its great to see Laika doing it at such a high level. Frankly, I think they make PIxar look like underachieving chumps.

I hadn't seen anything for "Para Norman" previously, and I have to say that this looks stellar, just sweet visual design, and I like that the trailer is very minimalistic, just showing you images.

I must say though, that I don't care for the visual design of the main character. Everything else looks beautiful though.