Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Best Halloween compilation CD's Ever

Jason Willis of the completely wonderful but now mostly defunct blog "Scar Stuff" created these two amazing Halloween compilation CD's that he originally gave away as Halloween gifts. Although many of the musical files that Jason so kindly shared have been pulled down off his blog, these two gems remain. I found his blog long after its heyday, but I used it as a jumping off point to search online for copies of the albums he had previously shared. 12 and a half Gigs later, I have quite the Halloween music and sound effect collection. Even with out all the files being available on his blog, it still continues to be a great resource for information about Halloween music and sound effects.

Jason's two compilations are very well done and ready to use for your Halloween shindig, I am actually going to be using both at my Halloween party this year.So check out Spook Party and Ghoul-Arama you'll be glad you did, I am.


Anonymous said...

These links are defunct.
Do you know where else we can get these files?

The Captain said...

"What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

I just checked all three links and they all work fine?

Chris Regan said...

Worked fine for me, thanks for the link!