Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Thing

So . . .
Back on July 9th Universal Orlando announced that guests at Halloween Horror Nights 21 will be able to experience a house based on their new prequel film "The Thing" before the movie even opens in theaters.

My wife Jen says "The Thing, whats that?" So I go on to explain to her that this is a new movie that is a prequel to a really good movie that I think we watched together when we first started dating, but she doesn't remember the movie. Then I go on to explain how John Carpenter made the original staring Kurt Russel, but that it was really based off the 1951 B Sci-fi film The Thing from Another World. Which really just made explaining it more difficult. So I pulled it up on Netflix and we watched John Carpenter's The Thing.

Which Jen really enjoyed, and sort of remembered seeing parts of. I know we watched it together, but to her defense it was probably 15 years ago. Jen loves the first Halloween film, so I was telling her that Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace (The kids that Laurie [Jamie Lee Curtis] is babysitting) are watching The Thing from Another World on TV in the Movie.

Pretty cool that John Carpenter loved the movie The Thing from Another World so much that he included it in what would become one of his greatest films, and he would go on to remake it four years later.

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Carrie Mae said...

I was soooo not excited about this movie until someone explained to me that it's a prequel. I was all, "you don't mess with a masterpiece." But I am absolutely okay with something that pays HOMAGE to a masterpiece by showing me how things went down at the Norwegian campsite.

So excited. JC's The Thing is one of my and the Husband's favorites.