Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Trip to Zombieland

When my wife and I went to the drive-in back in October of 2009 to see Zombieland, we both noticed something funny about the theme park at the end of the film they called "Pacific Playland". I had this funny feeling that I had been to the theme park as soon as the girls in the film arrived there. It wasn't until Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) climbed on to the wild mouse ride that we both blurted out "Wild Adventures!" We had been on that ride dozens of times, it's called Bug Out! or at least it was till the movie came out, because it's now called "Go Bananas!" So earlier this year we traveled back up to Valdosta, Georgia to see Lynyrd Skynyrd play for free at Wild Adventures and we took some comparison photos just for fun, here they finally are.

My shots are as close as I could get, I forgot to bring actual screen captures with me so I was shooting from memory. I have noticed that the must have done some digital manipulations, because it looks like rides have been digitally pushed around.

I think this is where Tallahassee finally gets his Twinkie.

Boomerang in the background of a few shots.

Rattler is a pretty fun ride unless your running across the pad while its going! (Which would be impossible to do, because the floor drops down to a poit while the ride is running. Movie Magic)

Riding on Bug Out! They wouldn't let me take my shotgun on-board though?! It is still the funnest ride in the park with or without zombies.

A few shots of where the Hummer went in the lake.

Jen in front of the currently broken and partially dismantled "Double Shot" ride. It was weird when we were there all of the rides featured in Zombieland were closed, torn up, and many had new names too.

Here is a couple shots of the Aviator that Woody Harrelson swings on while shooting zombies. I didn't grab a screen capture for this scene from the movie.

Here's a few for the Skynyrd fans!


The Frog Queen said...

OMG!!! That is super cool! Thank you for the pictues. Must have been a kick walking around the park and taking jealous! But thanks for sharing them with us!!!


Ghoul Friday said...

I love taking trips to places and matching them up to movies or shows, and this one must have been a blast (plus, you got to go on rides!).

The Captain said...

It's a small regional theme park, but its a great place to visit. Lots of fun rides and very affordable compared to Orlando where we live. They have a Halloween event that we are going to try to go to this year for the first time called "Phobia".

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hey...glad the candlestick made it. wouldn't it look great holding a black candle at halloween? enjoy!