Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blade 4? Maybe?

Dread Central


Mr.Macabre said...

Blade is one of my favorite movies, would very anxiously await a fourth installment!!!

I thought Wesley Snipes was in jail for tax evasion or something to do with the IRS. Obviously I got the wrong person in mind or he got out.

The Frog Queen said...

PLEEEEASE!!!! I so love these movies....although that TV series was .....well, no so much so :)


The Captain said...

It was Wesley that got in trouble with the IRS, I guess he is out now? When it was happening and I would see him on TV I would yell out "Free Blade!"

I too love the Blade movies, even the third one. I never watched the TV show, but I heard it stunk.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Im still skeptical after Trinity, but I will give any Marvel adaptation a go!