Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Work Bench

I finally got around to building myself a work bench in the garage for all my projects.

I'm pretty pleased with it. I made it taller because I'm 6 foot 3 and bending over a regular table kills my back after a while. Sorry about the blurry photos, they're off my phone.


mcc394 said...

very nice. there will be many pumpkins carved upon its table. i have a table top about the same height that i tear down and put up a lot. its a piece of plywood and some tall saw horses. :)

halloween spirit said...

Very nice . . . love the pumpkins behind you :)

DeadmansLog said...

Sweet! And very good job.

Does this mean we can expect more pictures of works-in-progress? Because that would rule.

The Captain said...

Thanks everybody.

I'm hoping to start working on props tomorrow; I'm on stay-cation for the next 10 days. So the pictures should start surfacing later in the week :)