Monday, January 26, 2009

Jack Pumpkinhead

Watched this (Return to Oz) for the first time this weekend with my wife, it was just "alright". It's hard to compete with the original. My wife had a hard time with the fact that this movie takes place 6 months after the Wizard of Oz, but the Dorothy character looks to be like 5 or 6 years younger than she was in the first movie? Jack Pumpkinhead was the best character in the whole movie.


Eve Noir said...

yes, jack is great, and so is tick-tok. it's hard w/a film that's such a classic like Wizard of Oz to compare...but as a reader of the 14 Oz books, strangely this film is more accurate to what Oz was really about. so hm, idk which one i like better. it's kinda 50-50, i'd say...

Eve Noir said...

oh also, i would've thought you'd like this one more considering it has a much darker tone to it. ex. The WHEELERS! now, those guys are scary...;}

The Captain said...

I've never read the books. I figured the age of Dorothy in RTO was probably more true to the books.

I found the Wheelers to be silly and not very scary at all. Maybe they were scarier in the book, I did like the lady (forget her name?) with all the heads, she was creepy.

Thanks for checking out my blog Eve :)

Eve Noir said...

Yes, Dorothy's age is more accurate in RTO. Well, I guess I say the Wheelers are scary cuz they were scary to me when I watched RTO as a child! But yeah, looking back now, they don't seem the same way. Just hate the sound of their wheels. Yes, Mombi (who has all the women's heads) was crazy.

Thanks. I have enjoyed your posts. Check out either of my bloggers sometime...I got a 'goth' blog. woooo....;}

DeadmansLog said...

This was one of my favorite movies as a child; I don't watch it again, because I fear it won't hold up.

I *do* still have a crush on Fairuza Balk that began when I first saw this and was cemented with the Craft.

The wheelers fascinated me as a kid, but last time I saw the movie the main one was -- annoying. To say the least. I'm not going to think about it. I'd rather retain the creepy joy I had as a child. :)

Mombi. I loved her and her heads. She was so -- freaky -- in the books. Like Land of Oz; that book was so very, wonderfully strange.

*sigh* I'm done reminiscing now.