Sunday, August 28, 2011

The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch reminded me without knowing she was reminding me that I had not finished posting photos from our trip to New Orleans. So thanks Wendy, and why yes we did go to the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.

The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum is one of the most unique, and interesting, small museums in the country. Taking all the mysteries, the secrets, the history and folklore of rituals, zombies, of gris-gris, of Voodoo Queens and all that jazz, and putting it all in one place in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter.

I'm positive that is a real human skull.

If I remember right I was pretty hammered the night before which explains why I look like a zombie. That is a painting of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum is small but full of interesting things see and learn about New Orleans Voodoo. The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum is located at 724 Dumaine Street (Between Bourbon and Royal Streets in the Heart of the French Quarter) New Orleans, LA 70116.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Wow and Wow! You don't even know how much I dig stuff like this. Every photo has so much to take in. Some are almost like I-Spy photos. Those alters were a riot. People left some pretty...uh...interesting things...ha! And those skull photos....VERY cool! And the DOLLS! Those are so great too. I'd spend a lot of time in this small place because there is just so many details to take in. Interesting read on the "Zombie" spell too. Just fascinating really! And I don't think you looked like a Zombie...I think you have the perfect expression for being inside the VooDoo museum actually. :o)

That was VERY VERY COOL! Can't thank enough for sharing those. And can't wait to show my husband tomorrow when he's awake. He's not a night owl like me, but he will totally appreciate these photos. You rock Captain! :o)

suzanne said...

Wow! That place looks incredible! New Orleans was already on my list of cities I want to visit, but now it's moved closer to the top. Oh, and your zombie look fits in perfectly. ;O)

Mr. Macabre said...

That was great! As many times as I have been to New Orleans, I haven't been in the voodoo museum...everyone that was with me would NOT let me go in, no matter how much I whined and sulked about it. They were truly frightened of the place.

And I'm pretty dang sure that there were more than just one human skull in that place! I'd be too tempted to shoplift one if I went in!

mlw33 said...

I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. This post made me want to go even more. Loved the pics. Thanks.

PumpkinBrain said...

New Orleans is the list of places I want to visit. Knowing there is a Voodoo museum there gives me even more interest. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Mantan Calaveras said...

Do do, that voodoo, that you do, so well!

Ghoul Friday said...

We went years ago and really liked it. It was part of a tour we were taking, and at the end they took our small group into the back to sit with the...*searches brain...comes up blank*...voodoo...lady...priestess?'s been a long week.

ANYWAY it was fun. Thanks for sharing :)

AllHallowSteve said...

Hey Captain!
I was taking a moment to tour around Hallowee-blog-town and figured I'd pop by to see what you had up on your site.

Nice post on the Voodoo museum!
I gotta tell ya, you are a braver soul than me. I would have been too creeped out to go in there.

Anonymous said...

So how much was it to get in? Do you think it was worth the cost of admission? What were your observations and impressions about the place? How large or small was it inside? How many rooms? What was your favorite display? What did you learn there?